What are Counterfeit Textbooks?

Counterfeit textbooks are fake textbooks. Working alongside leading researchers, experts, and instructors in their respective fields, the Publishers continually invest in creating and updating online and print educational materials, including textbooks, for use by students and others in college and other learning environments. Unfortunately, the counterfeiters, in blatant violation of federal copyright and trademark laws, print unauthorized copies of the Publishers’ original works, bearing unauthorized copies the Publishers’ trademarks. The counterfeit copies are made without proper authorization and can have differences and inferiorities from the authentic product, including missing content.


How do Counterfeit Textbooks appear in the market?

Counterfeit textbooks have become increasingly pervasive in the marketplace, in violation of federal copyright and trademark laws. The counterfeits are often printed overseas and sold into the United States through Internet marketplaces by essentially anonymous sources. Even when sellers on the marketplaces do not themselves manufacture the counterfeit textbooks, they regularly buy the counterfeits from unverified, unauthenticated “suppliers,” and then further distribute them as if they were the authentic textbooks.


What Anti-Counterfeiting Lawsuits did the Publishers file on August 17, 2017?