It starts with the honor code.

Colleges and universities can make it clear to students that use of online unauthorized testing materials violates schools’ standards for academic integrity. Some content, such as unauthorized copies of Test Banks, should never be used.

Steps in the classroom.

Professors and other educators can make it clear to their students where they draw the line on students using online testing materials or solutions for studying or self-assessment versus what constitutes cheating and a violation of schools’ honor codes. Some professors, for example, put clear restrictions on receiving outside help completing homework assignments or answering assessment questions. Additional tips for professors to combat cheating are often available from your institution, and in many articles.

Steps for students.

Students should be familiar with the academic integrity rules of their school and their instructors so they don’t violate school policies or do something illegal with potentially serious consequences for their academic future. Students should be aware that downloading or copying Test Banks or Instructor Solutions Manuals of the publishers constitutes illegal copyright infringement.

How to Report Infringing Content

If you see test banks or other infringing content posted online, report it!